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Here you can find gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins or bullion that we have in limited quantities.

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Our specials prices listed below are based upon these spot metals prices:

Gold:   $1,227.07          Silver:  $14.67           Platinum:  $835.00          Palladium:  $1,086.00

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Offer:  Random Dates- 3 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping!   

$44.00 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,271.10           

Item code:   Eaglesgold        

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1-ounce Pamp Lady Fortuna design gold bars (.9999 fine) in assay card.

Offer:  Limited quantity available - Free shipping - Stock photo   

$26 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,253.10           

Item code:   PAMP 1-OZ. GOLD BARS        

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British Sovereigns (0.2354 AGW)

Offer:  3 Coin Minimum $30 S/H - Buy 15 Coins or more - FREE SHIPPING. Stock photo   

Spot + 3%   

Price:   $ 297.50           

Item code:    Sovereigns        

-  No Image -

1-oz. Gold Bars .9999 fine from Australia's Perth Mint.

Offer:  Limited Quantities Available - No Minimum - FREE Shipping   

$26.00 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,253.10           

Item code:   1-ozPerthGoldBars        

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1-oz. Credit Suisse Gold Bar (.9999 fine)

Offer:  Limited quantity - FREE shipping - Stock photo!   

$26.00 over spot per bar.   

Price:   $ 1,253.10           

Item code:   1-ozCreditSuisseGoldBars        

-  No Image -

Perth Mint 10-oz. Gold Bar in Original Packaging (.9999 fine) Stock Photo

Offer:  FREE Shipping    

Spot + $17.00/oz.   

Price:   $ 12,440.70           

Item code:   Perth Mint 10-OZ. GOLD BAR        

-  No Image -


Offer:  1996 through 2007- Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig   

14% over spot- FREE Shipping  

Price:   $ 16,786.30           

Item code:   LunarSeriesOneTwelveCoinSet        

-  No Image -

PAMP Suisse 100 Gram (3.215 oz) gold bar with certificate (.9999 fine) - Biscuit/Cast style.

Offer:  No Minimum - FREE Shipping! Stock photo   

$19.00 over spot per ounce.  

Price:   $ 4,006.10           

Item code:   100gramgoldbar        

-  No Image -

Royal Canadian Mint 1-oz.(.9999 fine) gold bars in assay packaging.

Offer:  Limited quantities - FREE Shipping! - Stock photo   

$26.00 over spot  

Price:   $ 1,253.10           

Item code:   1-oz Gold Bars        

-  No Image -

1989 dated Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Older coins originally arrived in plastic sleeves from the mint, these coins are now housed in tubes. Because of age a few coins have some tarnish on the edges.

Offer:  Limited quantity available - Free shipping   

Spot + $1.50/coin. Price below is price per coin.  

Price:   $ 16.20           

Item code:   SML1oz        

-  No Image -

French Twenty Francs- Gold Rooster, Angel, Napoleon III, and Austria Gold & Florins/ Franz Joseph. (.1867 AGW)

Offer:  3 Coin Minimum $30 S/H - Buy 15 coins or more - FREE Shipping   

Spot + 2%   

Price:   $ 233.70           

Item code:   French 20 Francs        

-  No Image -

Isle of Man coin from the Pobjoy Mint. The very popular Cats gold coin with a different design each year.

Offer:  We have a small quantity of 2001 dated 1/5 oz. coins in mint packaging. 10-Coin (2 oz.) package offer. Free shipping.   

spot + 3%. Price below reflects 2 oz. total, delivered.  

Price:   $ 252.80           

Item code:   Isle of Man Cats        

-  No Image -

1-oz, 1/2-oz, 1/4-oz, & 1/10-oz. Proof American Gold Eagles w/Box and Cert (1.85 oz. per set)

Offer:  3 Set Package Deal- FREE Shipping   

$99.00 over spot   

Price:   $ 2,453.20           

Item code:   U.S. Mint Proof Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set        

-  No Image -

Pre-1965 90% Silver MERCURY Dimes - aka Junk Silver

Offer:  Minimum $100 face value bags in circulated condition. Limited quantity available!   

$1.20 over spot. Price below is per $100 face value bag.  

Price:   $ 1,134.30           

Item code:   90% Silver Dimes        

-  No Image -

Various brand 10 oz. Silver Bars (.999 fine) including NTR, A-Mark, Sunshine, Apmex, SilverTowne.

Offer:  1 package offer of 10 bars (100 oz.) - FREE Shipping - Photo depicts actual bars offered.   

$0.65 over spot per oz. Price below is for 100 oz. package delivered.  

Price:   $ 1,531.50           

Item code:   SilverBars        

-  No Image -

Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Silver Maple leaf coins. There are older date coins in plastic sleeves, thus some may have tarnish.

Offer:  Limited quantity available - 100 coin minimum - Free Shipping!   

Spot + $1.50/oz. Price below is per coin. Stock photo.  

Price:   $ 16.20           

Item code:   CanadaSilver        

-  No Image -

1-oz. SILVER MAPLE LEAFS .9999 fine, 2016 date in the reverse-proof finish with the four leaf clover privy mark. Reverse Proof has a frosted background and the en relief design items such as Queen Elizabeth has a shiny, deeply mirrored affect.

Offer:  100 Coin Minimum- FREE Shipping!    

Spot + $2.25 per oz.  

Price:   $ 16.90           

Item code:   Silver Maples        

-  No Image -

2017 5-ounce ATB (America The Beautiful) Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa

Offer:  150 ounce package deal- FREE Shipping (No photo available) Price below is for package deal-delivered   

$3.50 over spot  

Price:   $ 2,724.80           

Item code:   5-oz. America The Beautiful Silver Coins        

-  No Image -

1 oz. and fractional silver bars from Northwest Territorial Mint. Older bars with tarnish, but in plastic sheets. Package offer: 128.58 total ounces of 46-1 oz. bars, 48-1/2 oz. bars, 80-1/4 oz. bars, 80-10 grams bars and 80-5 grams bars all in plastic by NTM.

Offer:  Only 1 package deal available. Free shipping.    

Spot + $1.25/oz. Price below is for package. Delivered.  

Price:   $ 2,046.40           

Item code:   Silver.9991oz        

-  No Image -

1-OZ. SUNSHINE SILVER ROUNDS, New design with MintMark SI for security.

Offer:  100 coin minimum - FREE Shipping! Stock photo.   

$.85 over spot.  

Price:   $ 15.50           

Item code:   Sunshine Rounds        

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